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Residential Fire Sprinkler Installation

  • Fires are fast, they can become deadly in less than 2 minutes. Home fire sprinklers can contain and may even extinguish a fire in less time than it would take the fire department to arrive on the scene.​

  • Fire sprinklers are green. They reduce water usage, water runoff and toxins released by fire and use only a fraction of the water used by fire department hoses. 

  • Only the sprinkler closest to the fire will activate, spraying water directly on the fire. Ninety percent of home fires are contained by the operation of just one sprinkler.

  • We have long been a leader in offering comprehensive protection for people and property, and our residential fire sprinkler systems are the smart and simple way to help ensure your family and home are protected.

  • While smoke alarms help protect homeowners, they can only detect and alert occupants of a potential fire. Automatic fire sprinkler systems control fires, allowing precious time for families to leave safely. 


 Commercial Fire Sprinkler Installation

Does your building have a properly designed and installed fire sprinkler system to keep you, your employees, and your assets safe?

  1. Automatic fire sprinklers have been saving lives and protecting property for more than a century.

  2. We are experts at designing, installing, maintaining, testing and repairing fire sprinkler systems for commercial buildings.

  3. Our staff of Certified Technicians will layout fire sprinkler systems that are specific to your facility, detect and respond to fire conditions, ensure the safety of your occupants and will ensure minimal damage to your facility.

Design & Engineering

We believe that planning equals success

  • STAT Fire Sprinklers Inc and STAT Fire Sprinkler NYC Corp., first step in every project includes a blueprint analysis for new construction or a thorough on-site evaluation of existing facilities.

  • Our design and installation teams work hand in hand with owners, architects, general contractors, and other trades. This way, we ensure that your fire protection systems are integrated within your facility. That the fire sprinkler system doesn’t interfere with aesthetics or other building components.

  • We strive to eliminate all interference, to ensure successful installation by all trades. Whether we’re installing piping in an open warehouse or above a ceiling in an office building, “a clean installation” is our standard.

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Testing & Inspections

Once the fire sprinkler system installation is complete we test it to make sure it will work properly when needed, some of the tests we perform are:

  • trip tests of dry pipe, deluge, or pre-action valves

  • water-flow tests

  • fire pump tests

  • alarm tests

These tests follow up on the original acceptance test at intervals specified in the appropriate chapter of the standard NFPA Code. 


Inspections are performed using technicians and associates. We do not depend on another company for expertise, we use our own technicians to inspect and repair your fire sprinkler system which gives us better control over the quality of service we are able to provide.

  • Our highly trained technicians can inspect and service all types of sprinkler systems.

  • Our software system will keep a record of when inspections are due so you never have to worry about being delinquent on required inspections.

  • We can also provide training in the proper use and maintenance of your system so in a fire situation everyone will be prepared to respond appropriately. 

Fire Pump Installation

At STAT Fire Sprinkler Inc., and STAT Fire Sprinkler NYC Corp., we know the importance of the fire pump in protecting your building in event of a fire.

  • When a municipal water system can’t provide enough pressure to a fire protection system, we install fire pumps.

  • Keep your building safe and code-compliant with fire pump services

  • In commercial and residential buildings, proper fire pump service ensures that occupants and valuables are protected in the event of fire.

  • We keep your building safe and code compliant with a comprehensive list of fire pump services.

  • Ask to see references from our clients and learn why we are a perfect fit for all of your fire pump needs.


Standpipe Installation

We install standpipes in a building or structure with the hose connections located in such a manner that the water can be discharged through attached hoses and nozzles.


  • Standpipes are an arrangement of piping, valves, and hose connections

  • STAT Fire Sprinkler Inc., and STAT Fire Sprinkler NYC Corp., we performs complete standpipe installation, renovation, repair and maintenance of Standpipe Systems

  • Standpipe Systems are used by the Fire Department when they need emergency water to extinguish a fire

  • They are charged with water connected to a Fire Pump or Fire Sprinkler System

  • In an emergency, the Fire Department connects to the standpipe fire department connection located at the ground level of the standpipe installation and fill the piping with water.

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